Ogasawara Islands 3:Dolphin swim

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We can swim with dolphins living in the sea near Ogasawara Islands.

Some small ship takes us to the sea where dolphins are playing in that day. We have gotten ready for dive into the sea on ship. We quickly dive into the sea when the captain find a school of dolphins.

(with disposable waterploof camera made by Fuji Film.Color negative film ISO 800)click photo(32K) -->

Dolphins swim friendly with us if we can exite their curiosity with submerging well.
I dove into the sea to swim with them about 20 times in 2 days. I was very tired at last. At the last chance I swim with them, I happily met a very friendly dolphin. I heard that they follow our swimming way. When I rotated my body in water, he followed me! It was the most impressive time for me in this travel.

I hear that we can experience dolphin swim in Ogasawara Islands in Japan(from Apr. to Oct.), Mikura-Jima Island in Japan(May-Oct.), near Perth in Australia(Dec.-Apr.), Grand Habana in Caribbean Sea(May-Nov.). I also hear we can meet most friendly dolphins in Grand Habana in the world.

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